Download Google PLAY [Tutorial]

This is a definitive guide for begginers.Google PLAY, or Play Store, is a little overwhelming at times but you can learn how to easily navigate it with a little help. So what is the Google Play Store, anyhow? The Google Play Store is a digital storefront for various types of media.

If you need the Play Store, as you do not have it installed on your device yet. You can download the Application through the next button:

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What will happen when you click "Download" button?

  • You will be redirected to an external website to complete the emulator download.
  • If you encounter any issues with your download, please report them here.

Of course, let’s cover the basics first. You generally log into the Play Store when you log into your Google account as you set up your phone. However, if by chance you didn’t do that, you can still do it in other ways.

>> Click here if the external download website does not launch automatically <<

There are actually two download settings. Both reside in the same spot. Once again, hit the 3-line menu button, and tap Settings.

The first option is App download preference. This setting is used when you download new apps or games from the Play Store. You can set it to any network, Wi-Fi only, or have it ask you every time you download something new.

Once you have downloaded the application…

The second option is Auto-update apps. This setting is used when your existing apps get updates from the Play Store. We highly recommend auto-updating over Wi-Fi only since that happens in the background and you don’t always see it. Optionally, you can also disable auto-updates and update manually if you want to.

Start the Download

With this little tutorial, you should be able to easily install this application on your device.