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Google PLAY, or Play Store, is a digital distribution platform for mobile applications for devices with the Android operating system. You can find the most recent Apps, games, movies, music, books and much more. Learn how to download Google PLAY completely free. Available in English

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It is possible that the version of the Google Play Store is not the most current or that the installed ROM does not contain the store application, this is when the APK file comes into action.

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One of the advantages of APK files is that you can find the updates made by the Google Play store immediately and you do not have to wait for them to be officially released for the store to detect the update automatically.

Every time Google makes an update to its store (even in a trial period), an APK file is launched with these functions, so, you must keep up to date with the APK versions that come out for Android, so that you always have said application updated.

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You do not need to keep the APK after installing the application, it is unnecessary and can take up space that you could use in a more useful way.

If you already have the Google Play Store on your device and for some reason you cannot install the APK, you must simply uninstall it completely, that is, delete the application data and uninstall it. When you install it from the file, you will start from scratch by logging into your Google account.

Follow the steps normally and you will have the store installed from the APK file you downloaded. The download can be done from the link that we leave you right here below and then transfer it to the phone; although also, to avoid this process you can download the Play Store from the mobile web browser.

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Remember to have a file manager on hand that allows you to locate the file after downloading, otherwise, you can select the download notification which takes you to the file and from there you can install it. In case you have missed the notification, download the latest version 2021 application again.